The National Leadership Council

TU is unique in that the National agenda is driven by the Grassroots members, that means you can have a say in what National does.  Each state has a representative, I'm Jeff Witten and I'm honored to represent Missouri.  There are about 40 of us accross the US, we comprise the National Leadership Council (NLC).  All NLC reps are required to attend the National Annual Meeting to discuss then vote to provide direction.

TU's National Conservation Agenda is established by the NLC and it's implementaion is supported by Scientists and other Professionals employed by TU.

The NLC establishes 8 Critical Focus Areas to which the combined efforts of 155,000 members work on and then benefit from the outcome.   

The NLC has 12 Work Groups, I Chair the Climate Change WG.  Our objective is to increase awareness of the impact of rising water temperature and the increasing volitility that storms, fires, droughts and floods are having on our Country's cold water resources.  TU realizes Climate Change is a divisive subject and recognizes awareness is growing.  How much risk do we want to take? 

TU's conservation efforts are funded by your dues, grants, donations and most importantly by your hard work on the streams, in the classroom and in your community.

We are financially sound and have a robust, professional Management team.

TU grew memberhip through the recent economic downturn when all other similiar conservation organiztions were either flat or lost membership.

I will try to answer any questions, contact me at or let's meet at a monthly meeting in Columbia.